Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What next?

In my search for things to put on my body to make it better, yesterday meant I traveled to the shoe store. Their claim to fame is that if you are having foot, knee, or back problems they have the fix. Well, OK! I was already sold.

K and I were going to go together this past weekend, but she has had a contractor rebuilding (from the studs) her kitchen. Silly thing, since he had finished she wanted to put it all back together. Humph! Dong that over her mother.

Anyway, I decided yesterday was the day for me to hit that shoe store. K was a little disappointed I think, but I needed help. My shopping on Monday had left me really sore and hurting. I had to find something that would help.

I walked into the store. They had two clerks actively working and a woman at the register. I walked to the woman at the register and explained that I had arthritis in my spine, knees, ankles and feet. She promised they had just the thing, and one of the clerks would be right with me.

Sure enough, the lady called me over to a chair. She could find me shoes as well as working with the other woman who was already there. And that's just what she did! She measured my feet. My right is right about a 9 1/2 - really closer to a 10. Then she measured my left. It was a 9.

I immediately thought of my time at the bra place. Great! One breast clearly at least one cup size smaller than the right - and now my left foot clearly one size smaller than the right! I could not believe it. I am completely lopsided I guess!

The good thing is that the clerk brought me about 6 pairs of shoes. They all felt great. I bought one pair. The bad news is that my feet feel the best in one type that is made in Germany. They are the most expensive. As she put it, I have Cadillac feet.

After my experience at the bra shop, I could really only allow myself to buy one pair of shoes. They are the first that I actually want to wear. Usually I go without shoes as much as possible. These are ones that feel so good, I want them on my feet. But due to their sticker shock, I only have the one pair. I am, however, in love with another pair of shoes. These are walking shoes. Ugly as can be, and priced at $265. I really, really want them though!

I can tell I will be back at that store. I will be getting more of these shoes. Payless will never see me again!

After my last two shopping forays I am afraid to be fitted for anything else. I may find that my left side is simply disappearing!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, and I thought spending $200 for work shoes (ugly nun type oxfords but comfortable) was alot. Wait a month and then go back and buy the other ones, too! Gotta be comfortable and if that's the price, that's the price you need to pay.