Monday, October 06, 2008

Foot in mouth disease

I really try to not critisize how my daughter and son in law are raising their children. I KNOW it is not appreciated. I don't think I would have liked it one bit either.

With that said, I did exactly that last night. It was Sunday night dinner with the family. I was already not feeling well. I decided to serve frozen lasagna with salad, bread and a bought Halloween cake. Simple.

Monkey Boy is a picky eater, and he is encouraged to be just that. For lunch after church when we went out his was macaroni and cheese with fries as the side dish. That was washed down with lemonaid. Carb city.

I know he does eat spaghetti and other noodles, so I expected him to eat last night. When he SAW the lasagna, he immediately began crying and chanting no-no-no. This boy is four! \

My son was really irritated by this. Now they won't have their baby until almost March, and he is hopefully making his words nice and soft, but his feeling is that his kid won't act that way. I hope so for his and the child's sake. I was irritated also. I could see no reason for this act except for the fact that he thinks he doesn't have to eat when he is here. I felt the behavior was uncalled for.

When time for dessert came, at least his parents didn't give in. He sat on the floor by his older sister and just bawled. They remained unmoved. I was proud.

Then he came and sat on the sofa between me and his dad. His dad then asked if he wanted a sandwich when they got home. I just about had a cow. I said nothing at the time. His dad was then ready to go - right then. K was watching the program on TV. On the way out, I told her about the sandwich thing. She didn't believe me at first, and I assured her that the sandwich deal was going to happen. She became defensive and said that it was nutrition.

That wasn't my point. I don't like sending kids to bed without dinner, but come on. They wonder why is will behave for his teachers but not for them. This is the reason. They don't make him behave. I hate to see this happen to him.

They had a big birthday party for him at some children's game place. No one came. There is a reason. He is a bully and quite honestly not a nice kid.

K didnt mention it today when I talked to her. She apparently didn't think it was a big deal. I guess that's good, but on the other hand . . .

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