Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's time

I'm finding that I don't want to go any where. I don't want to shop. I don't want to go out to eat. I don't want to see anyone unless they are here in my house.

I'm not just antisocial. My knees and feet hurt so much that I can't stand the thought of walking around. Just going to the mailbox at the curb is a major trip.

G keeps asking me "so - when's that appointment?" He is talking about me making one with an orthopedist. I have to do it. I just hate to add yet another physician to my stable of doctors!

I see Dr Poison later today. I'm curious about the real results of the bone scan. I was supposed to see him several weeks ago, but Ike blew in and changed all our lives around here. I had called the office. The nurse said there were signs of arthritis. I wonder if the good doctor will go ahead and order an MRI. I sincerely hope not. I really don't want to do that. The thought of being in that tube scares the liver out of me.

I guess I should serve some cheese with this whine. We'll see what happens this afternoon. I've got the recumbent bike working (I think), so I believe I'll see if that will help anything.


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