Monday, September 29, 2014

Hope, hope, hope

Made some changes to my Firefox connection.  Hopefully this will help, although it will not be a fix.  All I can get up here is dial up or satellite internet.  The satellite is at least a bit better than dial up, but it is so, so slow.

So let me try for my painting picture!

There were never sheep in that field - just a note.  The artist used a little poetic license.

Still not very fast.  Home tomorrow, so Glacier later


Sally Crowe said...

I'm glad you were able to post, and I love the picture! I was on dial-up for many years, and then finally was able to get better service when I moved. But, I can sure relate to the problems you're having. Maybe tomorrow will be better!


Sally Crowe said...

OOPS - looks like you're still have trouble with posting pics. I'm so sorry. :(