Tuesday, September 02, 2014


G has been reading the constitution of our church.  Talk about a mess.  It seem to contradict itself in many places, and we are not following it. 

Every time G has a question, he has to direct it to the Vice-President - who in turn goes to the pastor.  Then she sends an email back.  I really believe what he has done is to take the form of the ELCA constitutions and the Missouri Synod constitutions and make a bastardized version for our church.

When we went to Trivia night, he was so concerned because I had posted a thing on Facebook about how sad it is to be caught in a grudge war, and apparently we were not really friends after all.  That post was about our neighbor at the SSB and his stupid double roads.  I guess he thought it was about G and the church.  Then Sunday he was just so sickeningly sweet.  Of course when G and the VP were meeting- he was outside the building.

Today Krissi (who is treasurer) went to the church to get the deposit ready.   The pastor sat in his car for 30 minutes after getting there.  He SAID he was on a phone call.  Sure.

So that drama continues.  I am ready to leave.  What he has done, and then bent it so he is in control although through the constitution he isn't suppposed to be, has made me really sick of him.  I have so many friends there, but you know, it isn't worth the aggravation.  We go back to the old church.  There are many new people there - it is growing by leaps and bounds -  and I will make new friends there.  I will become active there. 

In other happenings.  Today was the retinal doc. He found a small leakage in the left eye, but wasn't too concerned.  He took other pictures with the dye (so my urine in fluorescent yellow today and tomorrow).  But it's still "come back in a month,"  but at least I have vision.

I have long said how ironic this is.  When I taught, I stressed to the kids that when I told them to wear goggles they were to do it without exception.  I told them they only had a single set of eyeballs.  So look who is going blind.  Glaucoma AND macular degeneration.  How lucky can one person get??

Still getting ready to pack.  I hate the fact we are leaving Clyde for two weeks.  I know that's why G really didn't want another dog - even if he was the one to move on adopting him.  But he will get over it.


Sally said...

I didn't realize you have such serious eye problem. I'm sorry. :(

God bless.


you don't want to know what I think about your church happen's..I'm so sorry about your vision problems..that is sad and scary..prayers sent.

Judy said...

This sounds like why my daughter and her family recently left their Lutheran church and school. Sad that things like this should go on in a CHRISTIAN atmosphere! Have a fun trip.