Thursday, September 18, 2014

What a welcome home

As we neared Houston, the weather deteriorated.  Completely.

We thought we would be home by 5:15.  That was important because we had to pick Shadow up from the vet.  There was no way we could get Clyde, but we really wanted to get that cat.  Things were going well, but there were storm clouds on the horizon.  And not just trouble cloud, really big cumulonimbus clouds loaded with water.

As we progressed closer and closer to Houston, the rain began and it got darker and darker.  By the time we were in Huntsville (home to the prison and Sam Houston University) the rain began.  As we traveled further, the rain got harder - and harder - and harder.  We finally were completely stopped.  Seattle all over again.

I was worried about returning to town in the 4:30 to 6:30 time slot, but this was traffic to the max.

As it was we pulled in our driveway at 5:25!  Of course, I had one destination in mind.  I didn't visit the "facility" when we (finally) stopped for lunch.  When you travel with G - plan on eating a verrrrrrry late lunch. 

We got the cat.  He was thrilled to see me, and hasn't left my side since. 

So today we went to get Clyde.  Guess what!  The rains are back.  We have flooding rains that are the left over from the Pacific Hurricane.  We drove through flooding rains - again.

Marti - I would have loved to have stopped at the Caprock area.  I have never been there, and I would love to go.  But getting home at this point was number one on my list.  But the road was still boring!!!  You certainly do see all the way to the horizons with no ugly mountains or even trees to block your view.  The Coastal Plain is just as bad.  And I see that a lot.

I am reveling in the fact life will be normal around here (whatever that is) for a while.  The only thing left is to pick G up at the car rental place, and I can pretty much close the travel for this trip.  As I type this, I am downloading the pictures.  Since there are something like 400 of them, it will take me a while to delete the ones that aren't good.  And there are several I am sure.  That's what I love about digital cameras.  You can take and take pictures, and you don't have to develop the roll, pay that, and then throw pictures of poles, etc away!!!


Sally Crowe said...

So glad you arrived home safely. I always have to stop in heavy rains, it frightens me a lot.

Marti said...

I'm glad you got home safely. I hate driving through rain, and rain and rush hour are the worst. Sounds like you didn't get stuck in it then?

I've been thinking of you the past couple of days. I decided to learn to sew clothing and I have been so frustrated over facings. I was going to wait until you had settled in and then ask you how to do interfacing, but I think I've got it figured out now. Sewing clothes is SOOO much harder than quilts.