Thursday, September 25, 2014


I believe I have said that Teton National Park used to be my number one favorite park.  I love, love it.  I really cannot understand why people flock to Yellowstone. I have been there three times now, and I feel qualified in making my statement!!  Yellowstone is good.  After all - you don't find too many geysers in the world, and I will swear the animals have shifts.  They are posted on the roads for their eight hour shift: Ben is there from 7-3, then Henry comes in for the 3-11.  (just kidding, of course, but we would see animals at the same places all the time!)

But now, OMG Glacier is the bomb!  I love it.  Even though I was disappointed that we didn't get to go all the way to Logan's Pass - we got close.  And in this case, close was almost (I'm sure) as making it.

So here is what is probably phase one of Glacier (because I don't want to load forty million pictures here.  Slow internet up here and all!

Without sounding too much like a mystery novel - it WAS a grey, very cool day  There was snow in the mountains.  And at the time I didn't realize what that meant for us.

And I love water, so the lake was my first "Ohhhhh" moment!  Please remember we mostly shoot from a moving vehicle. 

Then we came into the mountains.  So awe inspiring.

And another fascination for me are tunnels.  So here is the tunnel!  We are still down very low on the road.


Jeanette said...

Love driving through mountains! Nice pictures even through a moving vehicle!

Marti said...

Hey, you're husband IS like mine. You're better at photographing through a rolled up window in a moving car though.

I love tunnels and steep mountains beside the road. That's probably not normal but I love looking at the side of the road and seeing tree tops.