Sunday, September 14, 2014

Trains, planes and automobiles

Oops, that was the trip to Nova Scotia, which added boats as well.  In Seattle, we added boats to cars and train.  We took the Washington Ferry System to go across the Sound to Olympic National Park.  It really was a beautiful trip.  We spent all day (driving) and saw a part of the park.  I was amazed how the Pacific Northwest reminded me of Alaska.  The big lake there was Crescent Lake that was HUGE!  We both remarked that it was much like Turnagen Arm in Alaska.

Then yesterday was the "death march" day.  We traveled to Missoula, but along the way we stopped at the "Dry Falls" that used to be on the Columbia River.  That was a sight.  I will download pictures when we get home and I cull them.  I have something like 385 as of today on the camera.  That's what I love about a digital camera.  You can just shoot several and take the best ones.  I just don't want to  begin that tonight. 

While in Cooley City (and I don't think that is spelled correctly but I don't have a map) we stumbled across a quite unique restaurant for lunch.  I probably wouldn't have stopped there, but G did!  It was really quite something.  A real mom and pop place, and it was so clean they could have served my sandwich off the floor.  And such nice people!!  Only problem - they only took cash, and we had to be frugal because we were beginning to run a little low.

When we got to Missoula, we found that ALL the hotels there were booked.  Fortunately we have reserved our room six months ago!  There was a football game in town.  When we finally went to get dinner at 9 (and at IHOP ?????) the waiter said they were rabid football fans there!

Tonight we are in Sheridan, Wyoming.  My least favorite state with the exception of Jackson and Teton National Park!  Hopefully we will be out quickly.  I think tomorrow is supposed to be Denver.

Once again - I am seeing things I would like to stop and see, but I really want to get home too.  If you recall, I wanted to retrace the way we had come home from Portland/Seattle a couple of years ago.  there were things I wanted to see then too.  Oh, well.

It should be another "short" day tomorrow.  I doubt there will be anything earthshaking from the drive.  I will be glad to get out of that Corolla, but it seems to be averaging 33 mpg, so I will crunch.  I figured out this morning how to get ALL the luggage in the trunk.  But then I am a mighty packer!

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