Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Greetings from Whitefish, Montana

Where a cold front has come through, and it is cold.  Houston winter cold.  And I realized that I have packed for Texas fall.  But - I will survive.  It's not that cold. 

We arrived last night after midnight.  The train was over four hours late.  That meant we missed probably the most beautiful part of that trip, but at least we are here.

This is a really beautiful city - although everything is for the tourist.  Just the way it is set up.  Tourists like pretty.

Today we were able to get through most of Glacier.  What a fantastic park.  We didn't get to complete the Highway to the Sun (I think that's right).  The pass was closed.  It has snowed.  All the trees were still holding snow.  When we got to the "weeping wall" it had formed icicles!  It was so beautiful.

We came back here to the hotel to rest a bit, and I could get on here.  Then we went to dinner.  G chose a place that was really close.  Easy in and back here, right?


It was a bowling alley/pool place.  The restaurant was in front with about 20 tables.  And one waitress who wasn't really into the job to begin with.  It took ten minutes for her to take our order.  It took 20 to get water.  We were to get salads. G asked for his, mine came with the meal.  His order was wrong.  All in all we were there for over an hour.  One couple left without ever even having their order taken.  It really was a mess. 

Oh  well.  What else did we have to do.  I do think I could find other venues that I might enjoy more!

Tomorrow - Seattle!



I've always wanted to visit Montana..just not during the winter.

Sally Crowe said...

Oh, I envy you going to Seattle. We lived close to there when my dad was in the service (my oldest brother and I were very young). I remember though!


Judy said...

"Rising To The Sun" road. Sorry you missed it. it is an amazing trip to the top.