Friday, September 19, 2014


I live in a small incorporated city outside Houston.  Most folks would like to say we are a suburban subdivision, but we are a city.  We used to hold the dubious title of "speed trap."  Our police force was deligent about enforcing traffic laws.  Then the "freeway" was put in, and (as one of the previous officers who was a good friend of ours - used to say ) our police all wanted to sit out there and catch a major criminal.

We have a high school and an elementary school within our city limits.  The elementary school really doesn't present major traffic problems - just a few parents like to speed and run stop signs.  The high schoolers on the other hand...

Now we have major construction going on with the original "freeway" and on our side a toll road was build since we have lived here.  (and that's 39 years in two months)  So we have an additional problem.  Those who want to "cut through" to get from one to the other without getting snarled with all the traffic heading into Houston (which has expanded to almost engulf us - but they can't get us). 

There is a web site set up called Next Door and it is specific to neighborhoods.  Topics get started on there that go on and on and on and on.  This one in particular is speeding down one specific street.  Those folks are asking for another stop sign.  Then others are pointing out the "cut through" traffic. 

If our police would just stay within the original boundaries and ticket EVERYONE who speeds and runs stop signs, and all the other infractions, we would get out reputation back, and we all would be a lot safer. 

I notice reading that page the police have stepped up patrolling that particular street.  That's good.  When we called them because one of our neighbors saw a car load of high schoolers throw something at our car (which is usually NOT parked in the street) we called the police to let them know vandalism was happening.  The policeman replied to us that "it's shift change time, and we really can't be out to patrol."  So I say it's time they get off their a**es and get out and do their jobs.  They have a lot of catching up to do!!

Enough of that.  Now it's vacation picture time - so if you don't want to see - thanks for stopping by, and hopefully I will see you tomorrow (or next post).  Otherwise - here I go.  And it won't be many.  I am going to stretch this out!

This is the second day on the train.  This is going from New Orleans to Chicago, and this is Lake Pontchartrain.  Really pretty, and really huge!

Going over the lake and seeing these high voltage lines traversing it made me a bit uneasy.  With the storms that hit (i.e. Katrina), and being a bit of a pessimist, I thought of the disaster if they went down in the water.

This is the third leg of the trip.  Chicago to Whitefish.  We had to eat late this night because the train was so full  This is at dusk, so it is a bit difficult to see well.  This is the Super Moon over the Mississippi.
More tomorrow.  I just KNOW you simply cannot wait!


Sally Crowe said...

I can fully understand about "traffic" in neighborhoods since I moved from one a couple of years ago. Even with a stop sign on both "ends" of the road; people would still FLY! I worried about children running out in the street and of course pets also. I used to say I was going to put a lawn chair in my front yard, and point a hair dryer at the cars - you know like I had radar. LOL Yes, I'm a tad crazy!

I really like your pictures, and yes will be looking forward the next set. Without my blog friends who go on vacation, I'd never go anywhere. :)

Judy said...

You are right--I simply cannot wait for more pictures. My gosh--those high voltage lines in the middle of the lake would makes me ponder on the "what if".