Sunday, September 28, 2014


Before I get to my real subject and pictures, let me just say I don't know where the time goes.  I was going to post yesterday, but the day came and went before I knew it.  But then it seems all my days are like that now.  I can't believe it's fall.  I keep thinking more like spring.  These few days I have left on this old planet are just disappearing - fast.

So to my topic.  It is rather in keeping with the paragraph above.  Today I really felt like I went back to my roots, and I made some decisions for myself.  The land where this house is located has been in G's family since 1845.  There are roots here - not necessarily mine, but roots never the less.

This morning we went to the little community of Doss where part of my roots are.  My ggggrandfather settled here after coming over from Germany.  I would guess they got here between 1840 and 1850 buying the mill from the Doss brothers.  This is an area that I have loved since G and I married and would come to see his grandmother.  I have had an affinity for that old mill.  My Christmas present last year was a painting of that mill.  I am very aware G paid WAY too much, and my framing was way too much, but it brings me such joy.  I was going to publish a picture of the picture, but the internet is moving at a snail pace today.  In fact, I am not sure there will be pictures of Glaier today either.  Just too slow.

We went to church this morning.  This is one of two old Lutheran Churches my ancestors had a lot to do with.  I know this will sound goofy, but I feel their presence when I am in those churches.  The one in San Antonio was where my gggrandfather was married - the church's first wedding.  My piano teacher kept telling me over and over that's where I should be going to church.  She was right.  I felt it right away.  My parents were trying to put me into a mold I didn't fit.

This church in Doss is not progressive - at all.  It was comforting to sit there with the old hymnal, doing the old litergy, following the same order.  Where we go now - the non-dominational we visited has the same order of service as our Lutheran church.  It is Baptist based.  Please do not get me wrong.  I loved that one we visited.  I felt comfortable - as comfortable as at Celebration.  But this morning, there was a true comfort and peace.  Singing the "old hymns" to organ music.  I was home.  It was good.

With the internet moving at a snail's pace, Glacier will have to wait another day.  My attempt to post one lonely little picture was taking five minutes, and was only half done.  I will post Lange's mill however when I do Glacier Part II!


Jeanette said...

It does feel good to go "home" sometimes, doesn't it!

Sally Crowe said...

I love going "home" although I don't as much as I used to. I'd love to see the picture of the "painting". I have one that a cousin of my mom's painted of the house she grew up in. It's not exactly the way I remember but very close.

Hope your internet speeds up for you. :)

Judy said...

That's the kind of church I like. The one that feels like it did when I was a kid. Organ or piano music--not drums and guitars!!!