Monday, September 15, 2014


Sorry Wyoming, but part of your state is so boring.  And guess where we traveled today - yep the boring part.  I know all states must have boring parts, I know we do in Texas.  Not to be too hard on Wyoming, it also has my (now) second favorite National Park - Teton. 

The drive was only about eight hours.  We came from Sheridan to Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Tomorrow back to Texas - and the boring part.  We will be in Childress.

Our hotel here is an older one.  It doesn't have the corridors the rooms open onto, but it is still nice.  At least it doesn't have a bus full of "old farts" on tour.  I know, I don't have much room to talk - me at 69. 

They had just gotten there when we arrived last night.  For some reason - I guess because that hotel was far out of town with no eating places around, those folks were hitting the vending machines like they were going to die if they didn't.  As we were trying to get on the elevator, one old coot nearly knocked my suitcase (the one marker "heavy - 45 pounds") out of my hand while trying to knock the luggage dolly away from the poor bell boy who was trying to get off the elevator.  I told G I was about to hurt that old coot!

This morning they had already been to the breakfast bar.  It looked like a hoard of locusts had been there.  The only fruit left were the hard to peel oranges.  All the coffee cups were gone.  The poor little attendant looked so frazzled.  I noticed the little display of sweets was completely empty - only bits of sugar left. 

I shouldn't be so critical, but I know good and well they never will consume all that food. 

We had three tours on the train to Glacier.  They were quite demanding there also.  The dining car usually takes reservations for meals.  They didn't for lunches and breakfasts.  As soon as the car was filled at those meals, they began a waiting list.  They would call for ONE person from each party to come up.  One lunch when G went - the people behind him demanded a "certain" time for lunch.  They had to eat at that time.  I heard another say something about them not getting a tip because they had to wait.

We took the late dinner the night we were getting into Whitefish.  We asked the staff if they were looking forward to us de-training.  The manager said they had the mirror balls ready and it would be party time.  Those poor folks worked three times harder than usual. 

Oh - and if you are in a sleeper, you are a first class passenger, and your meals are all included in your ticket.  So that meant that you ate in the diner.  Lots of pressure on those people.  Our train had two sleepers rather than the usual one.  And if anyone in coach wanted to eat in the diner, they had to be worked in as well.

But we are homeward bound.  And I am glad.


Jeanette said...

That is good reason not to travel with a senior citizens group! Sounds like a nightmare! Glad you are having a nice trip, though, and are now homeward bound!

Sally Crowe said...

You had me really smiling about the "old coots". I'm 72 and hope people don't think that. :)

I know you've got to be exhausted. But, I've enjoyed your trip.