Thursday, September 11, 2014


Yep.  We FINALLY made it.  We took US 2 out of Whitefish headed to Seattle.  We love to suffer, you see.  We KNOW that Montana has lots and lots of road work in the summer.  We have been fools for it several times before, and this was no different.

But the new trick they played on us was to put a 25mph limit all the way through towns.  All. The. Way.  At every little wide spot in the road.  25 miles per hour.

I really don't remember what time we actually left.  I keep my watch on good old Texas time.  The car clock has Mountain time, and we were headed into Pacific time.  I think we were on the road at least 10 hours though.

THEN.  We got to Seattle.  Houston and Los Angeles move like it was 4a.m. on a Saturday morning compared with Seattle.  It was 7p.m. and the traffic was bumper to bumper, stop and go.  Of course, having a four lane freeway funnel down to a two lane one didn't help the situation, but OMG!!

I had said that I wanted to do two things here.  I wanted to go to the Pike Market.  After last night, I really didn't.  We fight enough without throwing that into the mix.  G wanted to see Underground Seattle.  Both DOWNTOWN.  Both back in the IH5!  Oh no!

But we went this morning.  When I got there I assured him that I really didn't want to stop.  And he assured me that he was fine not seeing the underground.  So we drove back out here.  Oh BTW, here is Lynnwood, Washington.  It's claim to fame is having the largest mall in Shohomish County.  So there, by golly!

We did drive over to Edmonds,Washington where we plan to take the ferry tomorrow.  We had the best lunches!  His was a mixed seafood plate - scallops, shrimp, clams, squid (you can tell I don't like it!), and fish.  I had the clams.  I love, love, love some clams.  It was a cute little bar and grill with an outside deck where we could watch the ferry - and trains.  It is right at the Amtrak depot.

I am still sleep deprived.  I still don't have land legs yet.  Between the train and the car, I still feel like the floor is going to move.  I think we have planned just a tad too much to do, but alas, (hand to forehead) I shall survive.

I should have internet from here on.  That's good and bad.  Four of the six grandchildren's schools are doing fundraisining things.  Those companies that do this have gotten smart - really smart.  You can now order on line.  Not even home and still get hit up!

OH - almost forgot.  When we got to Whitefish, G's credit card was declined.  This is the second time it has been hit.  Last time almost a year ago.  Some fool caught the number.  Tried to spend $450 at Walgreens (really??? on WHAT!!!), and (this will really get you) $15 at Walmart. 

Anyway, he called.  Got that straightened out and another card is coming.  But we are using others (mine included), and when we get home he gets to change all the payments that are on that card.

So caught up!


Jeanette said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Cheyenne said...

They probably charged the $15 first to see if the card would work. Then they moved on to bigger fish. Same thing happened to me last year. I live in PA; they were in California. They charged $14 at a fast food place and then moved on to a larger store...who declined the card. It's anybody's guess how they got my card.

Judy said...

Hackers everywhere we look! Discover called me and asked if I had just charged fifty dollars of gas---in Austin, Texas. I assured them I was sitting in Michigan and had never been to Austin in my life. They didn't have my actual card--they had the number off my card--don't really know how that works. I thought you were going by train. Do you have your car with you? How does that work?

Sally Crowe said...

I know you're tired, but what an opportunity to see so much. Haven't had that happen to me, but now that I've said it, it probably will.

Safe travels. :)

Marti said...

I swear, you have the best trips. Well, except for the traffic. That sounds awful. But Washington sounds like a nice place to visit. I hope G didn't use his cc at Home Depot. That fiasco is continuing I heard. My sil in St. Louis used his card there Thursday and his info was stolen and resold by Friday. By Friday, someone in Ft. Worth had a card with his number using it at Best Buy.