Sunday, September 07, 2014


This is from the underground Amtrak lounge in Chicago's Union Station.  We had a wonderful sleepless night in an expensive bedroom on board the "City of New Orleans" to get here.  We left  New Orleans yesterday about 2 pm and got here at 9am.  It was sleepless because G hates the upper berth - and there is no way I can get there.  The lower bed is about 3/4 of a regular full bed.  Not. For. Us.  In fact - we have moved to sleeping in separate rooms because we both snore.

We left Houston about 1pm on Friday and arrived in New Orleans about 10;15 pm.  We were delayed by freight - again.  That was coach, but it was a good trip.

Finally I have found free internet. 

So far, so good.  It is now almost 10am and we leave about 1:30pm.  Chicago's lounge is really great.  I remember it from before.  I just wish they had not sprayed a strawberry bubblegum air freshner though.  It is a smell I hate.

New Orleans has a little room as a lounge.  But it was small.  And COLD.  But it was more comfortable than the molded plastic chairs in the lobby. 

All in all, Amtrak has treated us royally.  Good trip so far (but I wish I were home).

When we left Clyde, I warned them he is a great escape artist.  He has an indoor/outdoor run.  And there is a gate there,  Didn't help my confidence at all. 

We didn't leave Shadow there because the last time he was there, he turned into  a wild cat.  Really a wild cat!  So we took him to the vet because we thought it would be far from the dogs.  I don't think that is the problem.   Poor attendant.  He became a wild cat again.  He was trying to get her.  I don't think they will be able to do his physical while he is in their care.

So we leave for Whitefish, Montana.  We will arrive there sometime in the wee hours of tomorrow or Tuesday - depends on how much freight traffic we encounter.  It SHOULD be late tomorrow night, but we have gotten many emails about  four hour delays.  But we will be in a family bedroom.  I think that means no having to take an upper berth.  We should really be able to spread out.

After we are in Whitefish - we will be through with the trains, and we will be going by car.  Kinda looking forward to that.   Not sure G is though!  I hope Glacier is open when we get there.  We only have one day, and I want to see as much as possible

So until the next free connection...


Judy said...

Very cool!! Love Glacier Park--beautiful

Sally said...

So far, so good.

I hate that you didn't get any sleep though. That's not good. I've never been to any of those places except New Orleans many years ago.

Hope you rest tonight. :)