Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Almost home

Last night away!  Today was through the (yawn) Texas panhandle.  Talk about flat.

The rental car has been great. We would get about 33 to 34 mpg in the mountains.  Today we got almost 40 on the flat land.Of course with its 4 cylinder motor we always had to hope we didn't have to go from a stop before a steep grade.

So it's beddy-bye time

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Marti said...

Hey now! That's my favorite part of Texas. I you came through Vernon and Wichita Falls, and I agree, that is pretty boring. But I love standing on the edge of the caprock south of Amarillo and being able to see for miles.

Sally Crowe said...

I'm sure you're home by now, and happy to be. :)

Judy said...

What a great trip!! I do not like flat country to have to drive through either.