Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm back.

I just erased about 6 paragraphs.  Am I upset?  You bet.  And I am sure this makes no sense at all, or perhaps you have done it.  So poohie - now to start over.

Weekends get away from me.  Saturday is a blank.  I have no clue what I did.  It surely wasn't anything earth shattering! 

Sunday because our church was out in the woods at one of our camps doing work and celebrating the church's seventh (and most probably last) anniversary at $65/person, we decided to go to Brian's church. It is a long, long way there.  But we enjoyed the experience   Brian is worship leader (he resigns this Sunday).  It was a really nice experience, and I am even more surprised because it is an inter-domination churches.  Usually I don't like those.

Sunday afternoon I spent at the machine.  I have wanted to make Katie a hair-pretty for volleyball.  My design files are in such need of work that it took me over an hour to find the file.  I wanted to do two - one for Katie and one for her "little sister" on the seventh grade team.  One went find.  Then Tempermental Tizzy decided that was enough for one day.  But I got the one to Katie at family dinner, and she really asked me to do the one for her little sister.

Monday I got the second one done.  I did get a picture.  I always forget to get a picture of my work before it leaves.  That's bad.  But the picture is on a camera at home.

That leads me to yesterday.  That was the trek here to the SSB.  I really didn't want to come.  I really still don't want to be here, but...

I think either my new glasses or just not wanting to travel made me car sick.  I have not been motion sick in 50 years!   I changed glasses and meditated to make the nausea go away, and it worked.

Today was to Fredericksburg for supplies.  So most of today is gone too!

I know - boring.

Now for more boring - pictures!

The train station - obviously.  This was one of the stops that allowed people to get off and get a breath of fresh air - or cigarette smoke.  Picture courtesy of G

The train was one of the longest I have ever seen or ridden.  The Empire Builder is one of the most popular passenger routes Amtrak has.  This is only half of the train, and the train was FULL!  Photo again courtsey of G

This old church was just a pretty picture.  Too bad it was taken at 80 mph!  Right  now it is just a place filler.  Tomorrow will be the most beautiful Glacier!


Judy said...

Holy Cow!! Look at that train!
Blogger is suppose to save your writing, every few minutes, but I have lost paragraphs also, and couldn't remember what I had written!!.

Jeanette said...

That is a big train! Reminds me of the one we rode to Chicago last Spring. Very cool!