Friday, January 03, 2014


Yes - it's really me.  I AM alive and kicking.   I just had reaaaaalllllllllly slow internet for the last week, plus I was trying a new (to me) password saving program.  When your connection is already slow, gets slower with use (that is measured daily rather than weekly or monthly), and a program that makes getting on-line slower, one becomes very frustrated.  The best I could do was surf.  Couldn't even think about posting anything.

I did try to post two times.  The first, my "repaired" Dell gave me the message that it couldn't find the hard drive.  Great.  I was assured that computer would work just fine.  Not so much after all.
Anyway - Daughter's birthday was the 18th.  That was a fun time - after I got over the fact that I have a 40 year old child.  Christmas was very nice.  Son and his family joined us at church (he told his pastor that he was not doing a 6 pm service - he had a long way to go to get there and ATT doesn't close because it is Christmas Eve).  We had a nice dinner, and opened presents.  What a great time.  Then Christmas Day we went back to Daughter's for those kiddos opening their presents (another tradition).  The 26th we were off to the never-never land of the SSB to get the last hunts in.

But pictures of the bathrooms!! I will try to get them here is a progression that makes sense. Begin  

with this post.  This is the original, but I realize it is only the master, and the other pictures are lost - forever.  The mid point ones are between that post and this one - somewhere.

So here goes.

 This is the hall bath.  Didn't get before pictures, but this is the new.  I don't think it needs any more descriptions.
 Again hall - notice I did have the bars added.  I REALLY wanted one of those neat walk in tubs, but too much $$$, and after a while I am told (by the plumber) the seals leak.  So same old tub
 Hall vanity area,  I wish the color came out more true.   It's a light moss green.
 Master vanity area.  Again wish the color was more true.  It is a dark camel.  Beautiful.
 The wonderful shower stall -  with the seat.  Heavenly.
Both bathrooms have these shower heads.  The middle is hand held.  You can have only the outside spray, only the center hand held or all of it.  Very nice.

So this is the work of our wonderful contractor,  It was such a joy to come home to this after being away for Thanksgiving for two weeks.  That allowed him to finish much more quickly. 


Judy said...

Really, really nice. Hope you don't get too bad a snow fall.

Jeanette said...

Beautiful bathroom! I love those handheld shower heads. I wouldn't have any other kind! Hope you had good holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours!