Friday, January 10, 2014

Another gripe

It seems as though there is always something, usually computer related, that gets to me.  This one is no exception.

I have talked about being a genealogy nut.   I tried to swear off this addiction.  I really did.  Then something moved me.  It probably was re-loading the old Family Tree Maker on this computer - BTW (that's "before the wipe"), and I got a message there was FTM 2014.  I was hooked once again.  I bought the M, but, of course, I didn't spend the extra $10 for the disc.  Nor did I take note of the associated information.  I wasn't going to lose the program.  No,  not me.

Well - when I was wiped clean, FTM disappeared.  So that means since it was a new version, all my family files are locked.

So, I sent an email to support.  That was before Christmas.  Not. A. Word.  Nada. Nothing.  I was hoping they could find something.  Well, if that were possible, I will never know.

Sooooo.  After Christmas, I decided I would purchase a new copy, but this time I would also buy the disc.  I tried to download while at the SSB.  I have talked about how slow that internet is.  It corrupted the file.  I tried a second time - was disconnected.  I tried a third time, and it said I had used all my downloads. 

So, OK, got home expecting to have the CD.  Let's face it, one week had passed.  No CD.  STILL no CD.  So I wrote the company on the support site that was listed.  This is a portion of what I got in return:

Cher(e) client(e),
Nous vous présentons nos excuses pour le retard de cette réponse, du fait d'un problème technique indépendant de notre volonté.

À la suite de votre demande, nous vous informons que nous venons de prolonger votre lien de 28 jours. Pour réinstaller votre logiciel, merci de suivre la procédure que nous vous envoyons en pièce jointe.

Oh great!  I still don't have an increase in my downloads, I did get an email yesterday that the CD has finally shipped, but in the end - I still cannot get to my family trees that I have hours and hours in researching. 

Am I an unhappy camper.  You bet.  I would contact Ancestry, but when I did before, I got a phone number for help.  I have found that usually a phone number for help isn't any help at all.  An email does far better.  




I go thru stages on hunting up relatives..going from family to family

Judy said...

I agree, an e-mail to customer support seems to work better. If I got that kind of message, I would have no idea what they were telling me as I only speak English. I have saved my FTM to a hard disk, just in case. I have years of info stored in it on my hard drive, and we know what can happen to that!

Marti said...

Oh that would burn me too.

You know when I had that problem with my Ancestry subscription, I called the 800# and was connected to a human almost immediately, and problem solved. Give it a shot.