Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I am STILL putting items Items away.   Now I realize that I am a lazy slob, and I haven't been diligently working doing that task every day, and (what a run-on sentence - I would get an F if this were one of my high school term papers!) I only spend about an hour when I am working.

When the task gets to the little piddly things, I really lose interest.  It isn't fun.  Besides, I am trying to decide what goes where.  Obviously I am down to the end - the less used things.   For instance, I am not going to do any baking this year.  Not a thing except for a bought cake mix that is red and green velvet cakes.  So that means all my tins that I put cookies in need to be put away.  That means they go in the tippy-top of the cabinet.  That requires a ladder.  I do n't do ladders well anymore.  Especially the little 3footer that I have in the house to use. 

I used to climb all over and hang off that thing like a monkey.  Now I get to the first step, and I am hanging on alright - to anything and everything I can grab.  It isn't even the old rickety one I used to use.  This one is very solid.  But I am so afraid of falling!

I have once again ordered almost all of my Christmas presents.  Unfortunately I did a lot of them last week.  Hopefully they make it in time.  Of course, Daughter waited until the last minute to tell me she wanted a special order necklace like I gave DIL for her birthday.  It MAY be here by Christmas Eve.  Even though I paid extra to rush it through the plant, and special speedy shipping.

Oh, and her birthday is today.  OMG - I am the mother of a 40 year old.  Where did the years go??   I cannot believe she is that old.  Seems like yesterday I was taking her to her Sports Association Basketball games (that was 5th grade).(So she knew that the necklace was an absolute no go for birthday!)

So, I will go piddle with something else for a while, then put my tins away!  Progress!


Judy said...

I love organizing my cabinets and cupboards--but then, I am a weird sort and have OCD, so that explains it. LOL

Marti said...

I fall apart when it gets to the piddly things too. Are you unpacking from the remodel?

I too ordered a lot of presents and one of them still isn't here. I check the UPS tracking and they keep moving the delivery date. Supposed to be here by end of day yesterday. Not. And I haven't checked the tracking today.

We're not doing much for Christmas day. May cook, and may eat sandwiches and go to the movies. No one but the two of us and mother-in-law here this year.

I hope your necklace comes in today and that you have a very merry Christmas.