Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Cat" the dog trainer

Seriously, that is her name - well nickname.  Her real name is Catherine.  She and my daughter went through school together - kindergarten to seniors in high school.  She was always a little different - she had not found her place yet.  But she has now!

She was here to work with Clyde today.  He always gives her a run for the money each time.  She tries to get him to do his commands, and he always will not do them the first time.  So then comes the correction, and he will be good for most of the remainder of the session.

Yesterday he was really off.  I don't know why.  The problem comes with the "down" command.  A couple of lessons ago, he was ready to bite - which I never thought would be something he would do.  But he just wanted to be down on his terms, not hers.  Yesterday was almost the same thing. 

They worked on the crate thing a lot yesterday.  He is doing really well on that one.  Now I have to get him where he will stay in it for five minutes with the door shut.  I think I can accomplish that.  At least I will give it a good try.

She is going to really have to train G. She specifically told us yesterday that when we are given the time to work him, don't ever let him get away with not doing the requested command.  First crack out of the box after she left - G told Clyde to sit.  Of course, Clyde looked at him like he was from outer space.  I had to remind him of Cat's words to us.  I thought that was going to precipitate an argument right there.  And I used to wonder why people would get divorces after 30 or 40 or more years of marriage.  

We also brought Shadow into the mix.  As long as Cat had control of Clyde, things were fairly cool.  As soon as she left, Clyde went on a search and seizure mission, more hoping to play.  He really doesn't seem to want to hurt the cat, but...

So I made up four "puppy grenades" as she requested.  They are to help startle him, and stop the bad behavior.  We used one yesterday when he was barking at Shadow.

I don't think Cat really knows the obstacle she is up against with this dog!  Or should I say a particular owner.


Judy said...

Fun times!

Jeanette said...

I guess to train one you have to train the other first! Good luck!

Marti said...

Animal training is hard, especially with pets that didn't come to you from the beginning.

What is a puppy grenade?


my pitty bull dog Nate was 110 pounds..he was just a baby when I got him but I had back surgery right after I got him so when it came time to train him, my back wasn't strong enough to teach him so he became the alpha and I took him to a trainer who after 3 days said she couldn't do it unless I used a shock collar..never going to do he did what he wanted to do and when ever he wanted to.