Monday, January 20, 2014

Not normal Monday

First - to answer a question - a "puppy grenade" is the term Cat uses for the aluminum can with coins in it and tape over the opening that makes an awful racket when dropped (thown).  It is to stop unwanted behaviors.  It does work!

Now for the news of the day.  No this has not been a normal Monday nor any day so far, and it's only 1:19.

G was working in the study.  There is a bed in there, and Clyde loves to get on it.  G was teasing him about messing up the papers that were up there since he was cleaning out his (one of two - remember) desk.  I was sitting here at my desk (otherwise known as the breakfast table).  Suddenly I heard a loud thump.  I thought Clyde had brought down the house somehow.  When I looked up - he was falling against the wall in the hall.

By the time I got up, he had lost bladder control.  Of course, I was my usual lazy self in my PJs.  I ran to him, and he was really limp.  I ran to get dressed because this was going to be an emergency trip to the vet.  He was still in the same position, but he was beginning to lose control of his bowel. 

I pulled him into the den, and he stayed down.  I tried to lift him, but there is no lifting a (today's recent weight) 70 poind dog for me.  He did get up, and he did walk out to the car.  He was able to get in.

On the way, he laid down completely on the floor board.  Not usual for him. I really was afraid he was dead.  He perked up when he realized he was at the vet clinic.  He loves it there.

He was seen.  To cut to the chase - they believe it was a seizure.  That is good news, and bad  news.  It wasn't a stroke or heart attack.  But if it was a seizure, there will probably be more.

So he it at home.  His heartworm treatment has been changed.  We are hoping he will be fine now. 

No, not a normal Monday.  Hope  there isn't anything like it again.

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Cheyenne said...

Gosh, that sounds horrible. I don't know what I would do in a situation like that but it sounds like you had things under control. I do hope he is better and that it doesn't happen again.