Thursday, January 16, 2014


I don't know when it came.  You see, my desk is one half of the kitchen table while someone else in this house has the other TWO desks.  My kitchen table is usually a mess therefore!  Anyway, G has decided that putting my mail on the stack of calendars, bill paying reminder book, et. al. is a cute thing to do.

I was going through what I thought was junk mail (you do know what that is don't you, lol) I found my Family Tree Maker CD.  And this is right after my scathing email  to Ancestry because their software company is terrible.  It is installed and working well.  I was able to open my files!  Yea!

I also got a package from a Texas group that airs a TV program we get when we are at the SSB.  They showcase Texas songwriters.  My son is a music fanatic - since he has his band and is Worship Leader at a church (paid!!!).  I ordered him a CD of their music.  It was supposed to be here for Christmas.  An email said it would be here about December 12.  Well - need I say more.  The package included two CDs, a tote bag, and an invitation to attend a taping of the show in late March.  Wow - now that's customer service!

The necklace I ordered for Daughter also came this week.  I had gotten an email with a request for answering a survey.  I did!  I couldn't help but give them very high marks for craftsmanship.  These are individually done since they are  monograms  done in silver (or gold - my pockets aren't that deep).  I also said that this was my second order, and both were excruciatingly slow.  I said they could send me all the offers with discounts they wanted, this was my last order since delivery was way later than the occasion   I wonder when I would have gotten Daughter's necklace if I hadn't paid for expediting the order?  Probably Easter.  Her bd was Dec. 18!

Everything I ordered this year was late.  The crock-pot for SIL barely made it for Christmas when it was promised at least a week before that.  Even the printer I ordered (since G has worn my other one out - he still thinks he is at work and can print whatever strikes his fancy - don't worry about the ink - don't worry that these are HOME printers, not heavy duty work ones) was delayed.  Usually, I get things like that from the office supply places the next day.  This one was over a week.

But everything is here.  Time to take a deep breath - and hit the ordering again!

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Judy said...

I had good luck ordering for Christmas this year--didn't order much however. I have to stop this mad craving to see what "new" thing Amazon is offering up. No more on-line ordering--I promise!! LOL Wouldn't it be lovely if G would built you a little "house" of your own. Like the size of a one car garage and you could have your sanctuary out there. Your computer and printer and patterns and genealogy files and books? I always wanted something like that--with an inside lock on the door :-)