Sunday, January 19, 2014

Got put in my place!

I thought I was being pretty successful with my part of training Clyde.  Notice I said "my part?"  That seems to be the only part of the homework that gets done.

Last night I tried to get him into the kennel without throwing the treat in first.  You guessed it.  He stood there with a really cute expression on his face - waiting for me to just give him the treat.  So it was back to the drawing board.  Throwing the treat, in this case cheese that seems to  be favored over the beloved weiner, all the way to the back.  I don't get away with just a small bit either. 

When we came home from church, he looked like an overgrown (yes, at 65 poinds!) puppy.  It was the most amusing gate he used to greet us!.  It is going to be to hard to get him to consistently sit before affection when he does this.  Guess Cat is going to have to train all three of us!

Family dinner tonight.   Glad it isn't at my house, and perhaps there won't be the long lasting talk about dieting, diet coaches, meals and so on.  Youngest granddaughter is running a fever.  So we will see.  Meal still will be at Daughters!  Wonder what low-cal we are having!

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