Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I will get an "F" on my homework.

When Cat left last week, our homework was to put Clyde in the kennel, and try to work up to five minutes of leaving him in there.  Well - weekends are busy - I know a good excuse.  I planned to work him yesterday.  You know how that was changed.  So I did work him a little.  I did get him to stay in the kennel without freaking out for about a minute, but getting him to go in initially still isn't happenng.  He needs to be tempted with a treat.  I guess that this is part of the frustration that Cat has with him - he just doesn't want to do things on command the first time - that isn't his desire.

After the excitement yesterday, things were quite calm.  We are still awaiting blood test results.  I hope this was a one time event.  I hope there was something unusual, and it will never happen again.  I really don't want an epileptic dog, but...  These things happen with rescue animals, and you take what comes with them.  Not to sound like a martyr, but I am proud of the lives I have saved by having rescue animals.

In brighter news, my mobile mouse arrived yesterday.  I have been using laptops for many years now, and the first time using the mouse were amusing to say the least.  But it soon came back.  I had emailed the facilitator of the digitizing class telling her that I learned (the hard way) during the class that I had to have the mobile mouse.  She said that she has heard that before.  I believe I can draw lines now!!

Today is another training day.  We shall see what comes of it.   Soon we will be turned loose to be the trainers.  Oh my!

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