Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Perhaps I should just stay home - alone

Sunday night was the infamous "Family Dinner" night.  DIL was going to fix chicken chili.  Now if you are a true Texan, that just isn't chili. But her reasoning was that she, SIL, and Daughter are all "dieting."  So she would fix the food, and we would eat at Daughter's.

The meal was good.  It was filling, but I still wouldn't call it chili.  I was really amazed.

BUT, then the war stories about the previous week's dieting began.  I am fully aware that I should be on a very strict diet.  I am on a diet, but I will never say a word to anyone about it.  I am just trying to be very careful about what I eat, and I am trying to  move a little more.

Their talk got to be soooooo boring.  "well, Astrid (their diet coach and very naturally bean pole body type) said that ..."   Geesh! They have bought all these work out DVDs, they eat just chicken and fish. I think I would rather die - I know there are lots of people who do eat nothing but chicken and fish .  And I know they are healthy for it, but I really dislike the taste and texture of most fish, and since I have been forced to watch my weight (go up??), I have eaten enough boneless, skinless chicken breasts to carry over to 25 lives - if I had them.  My child and in-laws even got out the measuring cups to measure out their chili. 

But on to better things.  Monday I had several errands to run.  I went to get new curtains for the master, bathmats for the dressing area,then I was going to check out ATT giving me a better cell phone rate, and on to the pet store for a new kennel for Clyde. 

At the linen shop, I found the black-out curtains that I think will over lap enough that Shadow won't cause them to separate when he has to get in the window, thought I bought two little rugs, and a new shower curtain liner, since I cut the last one too short.  Got home and found that the mats were a single mat.  Stupid!

Went to ATT - got my rate lowered, a new top of the line phone since mine was acting like a fool!  If I used an app, it would say the battery was dead!  Anyway - because I got that phone, I also could buy a tablet for $100.  Cool!

Then I went to get Clyde's  kennel.  The trainer is working with him to get in the kennel, and she wants him to be able to turn around.  Now - Simone was the same size as Clyde, and she could turn around.  In fact, she could make herself so small that you couldn't even see her in the back of the kennel.  So I measured the one I had.  I went and thought that the next size up was the one that was an inch bigger in most places.  I. WAS. WRONG!

So, yesterday I had to go back.  There is a bigger one.  It is the X-Large,  It looks like it should be another room on the house.   It barely fit in the Highlander.  It wouldn't go through the door.  We had to dismantle it.  We will see what the trainer says about that today!!  It will take up half of my entry hall, moving furniture to give her room to work along with access to the kennel - I don't know how that is going to happen!t

Last night I went to  Lady Bug's first basketball game.  What a game.  He was her first because she finally got out of the cast.  She was quite good, but she has a set of Viet Namese twins that  play all year around on a league team.  They were amazing.  The team has won every game so far by at least 20 points.  I will bet the they win district!

Today we worked the little  store at the elementary school.  After the last one where the staff had to help out, there were a lot of changes today.  I think there will be more after today.  The kiddos get these little "bucks" for doing good things.  Then this store lets them buy crap or if they have enough coupons for neat things (extra recess and the like).  Some of the kiddos have over 150 of these little bucks (whereas, some have only 5).  A lot aren't counted out.  I think the teachers will be told to put them in stacks of 5 from now on.  The teachers I personally would love to kiss are the ones who have gone over the items, gotten the kids to choose, and write it down so we can fill the order.  Some of the kids will stand there for over 5 minutes fooling around.  We see too many kids for that to be happening.  The first grade team was wonderful.  They had their act totally together!

So you have been caught up on my really exciting life.  Oh well - I AM alive, and I am grateful - honest!

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Judy said...

They have a diet coach? I can remember an SIL that was into one of those diets and measured everything and made fake dishes out of chicken. YUCK. If I am going to eat chili, I want REAL chili and that does not include chicken--or beans for that matter. I hate fish and hardly can stand chicken. My "diet" consists of whatever tastes good to me, but in very small portions. After a few months of eating like that, I can't get through a "regular" meal because I can no longer eat that much. Oh yeah--my diet also includes a candy bar every single, damn day!!!