Thursday, January 09, 2014


I am having pain around the incision sites and in the right breast where I had reconstruction post my mastectomy.  The last oncology visit showed the blood marker to be well within its limits, and I have had pain in this right breast area since the reconstructions  So, I called the plastic surgeon today for an appointment.

It really began to hurt just before Christmas, and the only thing that abates the pain is to wear a sports bra or regular one 24/7.  The pain set in the other night so badly that I couldn't sleep. I have an implant and that seems to be one of the main places that I have always hurt.

Other breaking news is that I have finally gotten my Costco membership.  Supposedly their dog food is supposed to be a very good one, and Cat - our dog trainer - suggested them as a place to get a good dog bed since we are wanting to keep Clyde off the couch - at least most of the time.

He is back on steroids, at least as needed.  He seems to be having heart worms breaking up that cause him to have a dry cough.

I will tell you - my life is so interesting.  I don't know how I stand it!  I just know you are jealous of such a full, active life!


Marti said...

I'm sorry to hear about your pain and hope it isn't adhesions or anything more serious.

Judy said...

I hope this can be helped without more surgery. My friend went through something like this.


let us know what the dr said.

JuJu said...

Boob pains and dog info from Costco. You ARE a muti tasker. How is the pain these days? Is it better, I hope?