Friday, January 17, 2014

More than one lesson learned.

I am going to try to leave all the moaning and groaning behind  - at least for a while.  So here goes!

Yesterday, the sewing machine place had a class on digitizing embroidery designs using the soft ware for our machines.  That software was expensive, so I wanted to learn a little about how to use it.  I was very excited about this class.

This was going to be a webinar.  So that requires a computer, a TV, the internet and a hook up for the TV.  Poor Glenda - the one doing the class. Something wasn't working correctly.  The program would run a bit, then dump the screen.  To say the least - that was a little distracting, but we forged ahead.

She had printed out the directions, but they were collated incorrectly.  Once I found the correct order, all was good.  I was finding the correct icons in the tray, and I was progressing very nicely.

When doing machine embroidery, especially when making your own desigs, you must draw straight lines that can be changed into curves and the like.  When we got to this part, we were making the pattern for a pocket to be put on a blouse.  I could draw the horizontal line with my computer.  I could draw the vertical line.  BUT when I was to come over one grid square with just a line, I was getting a filled in square.  I was so frustrated!  I couldn't figure out why even the little lady next to me had it done.

After restarting my design about 12 times, I finally figured it out.  Using the mouse that is in the laptop, everyone else had the free standing mouse.  I watched carefully as I was trying to draw that line.  I couldn't do it in one complete motion.  I had to change the position of my hand.  That meant leaving the grid line, and that meant I was actually drawing little boxes all the way that I went.

Needless to say, I missed the second half of the lesson!  I went from total frustration to laughing at my inability to draw a line on this computer. 

Will I go back?  I would love to.  In fact, I am going to order a mouse today.  Will I be able to go back?  Probably not.  G has decreed that we will go to the SSB that day.  In fact, we will probably miss all the remaining lessons.  Sad.

Last month, I was shocked when I became the mother of a 40 year old.   OMG - that means I am really old.  Yesterday I became the mother of a teenager.  Lady Bug turned 13.  I remember how upset I was when I learned she was on the way.  The reason - I felt I was too young to be a grandmother (remember - I was teaching middle school -you have to appear young or else!).  Her birth was probably one of the greatest things in my life.  I love you Katherine Yvonne!!!



when I made the scarves for the oldies 50's party the bobbin and the bobbin holder just shot out of the machine..and can not figure out how to get it back in..

Judy said...

Talk about scary--today my oldest is 56 years old!! How can that be when I am only 60?