Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Relatively uneventful

The day was calm in that there were no more seizures.  Needless to say, everytime he moves I am watching closely.  All his blood work came out normal.  I guess that is good for a dog that is not normal!!  He is such a clown, and keeps us laughing all the time  We have had him about six months now, and we are still trying to really get to know him.  When you adopt an older animal, there is often this period of getting to know one another - like a marriage I guess!

Yesterday, I worked with him and the kennel a bit.  I got him in - with a treat of course - and closed the door.  I walked away, and he actually stayed in it for five minutes, which Cat will love, without freaking out.

Later in the day, he actually walked into the kennel himself and laid down.  To top it all off, he stayed 20 minutes the last time.  I know the door was open, but what a big step!  I put the bed I had bought with the (destroyed) wire crate, and it must have made a comfy bed, so today I am going to make a pad for him.  I have an old egg crate matress pad upstairs. so I am going to take an old sheet and cover a piece of that egg crate.   Perfect pad without bleeding more from my bank account!

Clyde and Shadow met last night - on their own.  Clyde was in his usual place - asleep on the couch.  Shadow strolled through the den.  Clyde awoke and saw the cat.  Then Shadow snapped to the fact that there was a dog in the room.  He ran - Clyde followed. 

All of my plants from the front porch are in the entry hall, so Shadow had no easy access to the dining room (and china cabinet).  He stood his ground, fluffed up to twice his size and spit like a Cobra!  Clyde turned sideways and did his "play with me dance!"  Clyde eventually got bored with it all and walked back to the couch.  When Shadow came back through, there was no interest from the dog!

Pretty amazing day!  Gosh, my life is really dull if this is the highlights!


Judy said...

That really is a huge step for Shadow and Clyde. Next thing you know, she will be cuddling with Clyde on his new, comfy bed. Maybe?

Marti said...

Life at your house certainly isn't boring! How funny that the dog's interest in the cat was so brief. Do you, or the vet, think the seizure was from the heart worm treatment?

I hope he doesn't have any more of those, but at least you know what to watch for now.

And congratulations on the kennel training. Sounds like he is coming around, as long as it is at his pace.


pretty smart animals..