Monday, January 06, 2014

Guess I am just an old coot

Last night was the infamous Family  Dinner which is always wrought with some type of drama, and last night's was no different.

The kids were the usual kids - screaming if Clyde got too close, or poking out his eyeballs if he were restrained and we weren't watching closely.  Same old s*it!  Leaving toys everywhere, but they hit a new low last night in tha  they ripped the top off the old toy chest to put the rocking car on.  Geesh!

But the parents were the amazing ones last night.  G wanted to have venison gumbo.  Ok.  I will do it. BIG batch.  DIL is from a part of  Louisiana  that eats potato salad with their gumbo - as well as rice.  I forgot about that when G went to the store to buy the vegetables that I needed mayo.  So I did about a half bowl (medium mixing bowl) of potato salad and 6 cups of rice.

Here's where I sound like an old crone I guess.  While Daughter, SIL and DIL were parked around the table discussing this new passion hitting around here where they sign up with a resident for a "weight loss challenge" that seems to smack of "Biggest Loser" they were consuming seconds of gumbo, rice AND potato salad.  "Yep - gonna have to watch the carbs, yada, yada, yada."

By the time Son and I got to eat,  we split about 3/4 cup of potato salad, a cup of rice, but as much gumbo as we wanted.  My problem - I don't like dark roux gumbo.  Son was a bit - well - pissed.  He certainly didn't appreciate them going for seconds while some of hadn't eaten at all.

I do love being surrounded by my family.  I just hate hosting.  Just becoming an old coot!



make everyone bring something to the dinner..

Judy said...

Yeah--what Jackie said! I don't know why we allow our own family to be rude like that.

Marti said...

I think a lot of people show more consideration to total strangers than they do their own family. I've been guilty of that myself, but I must say that was really inconsiderate of them to go for seconds before you had even started eating.

I like that idea of everyone bringing something. I wonder if some wouldn't come if they had to contribute. But really, there's no reason you should do it all.