Saturday, January 04, 2014

Getting up to speed

I hardly know what to do with a computer that isn't slow as a turtle when it's 30 below!  I can move about the internet with lightening speed

lI thought I would post a picture of Christmas Eve.  All are there except Monkey Boy and the youngest one.  I found these silly animal hats on one of those internet stores that have reduced items (supposedly).  I thought the kids would like them - all except Monkey Boy who is 9!

Of course the girls would pose, but Son's eldest got pulled in if he liked it or not.  Sorry this is cut by the side pitcures!

Then I thought I would add an old picture from Thanksgiving  where it was wall to wall Boxers.  Clyde was in heaven!!!

Clyde is closest to the camera.  Angelica (the cat terror) is in the middle, and Princess is looking at the camera.  It's amazing how much room 3 Boxers can occupy.


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Judy said...

Boxers are quite a large breed and to see all these pups standing there--you could get hurt if they stampede!!