Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whatever day

We are out of the Rat'sson (I know - that's not the name of the hotel, but I hated the place). It only took about five minutes to get the elevator to take the luggage down. Fortunately G found a cart. I think it was the only one left.

We are now in Marquette MI. It is a pretty place so far. The drive from Duluth was really pretty. The weather wasn't cooperative. It was misty and some rain. But we are here. That's the main thing.

This morning, I watched the folks that are taking the train back to Minneapolis cross the street, and down the hill in the rain. I'm sure that was so pleasant. My though was I was glad I didn't have to do it. I really think I would have called a taxi. I would have been completely soaked through by the time I got there. That hill is quite a hill, and I have to take it really slow with at least one stop along the way. But thinking back - I don't think I ever saw a taxi in Duluth!

Tomorrow we will head into Canada. So there isn 't anything to post. I just hope tonight we get a good sleep.


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judemiller1 said...

Well--you are in my State, but Wayyyyyyy up north there--I wish I were there with you--I would love to see all that you are seeing and...we could lean on each other for help walking--hah!