Monday, August 24, 2009


It's getting to be time to stop kidding ourselves. Monkey Boy apparently has some real, deep seated problems. His parents put it off to "being a boy," but I think the problems are much more serious than that.

I am well aware that boys are very different from girls, but . . . MB has been coddled since birth. He has been the little prince in the house. Whatever he wanted - he gets. If the family is eating one thing, all he had to do was say he didn't want that. He would get a meal of frozen breaded chicken nuggets, french fries, and ketchup. They didn't believe that he would eat when he got hungry.

A little while ago, they would make him try foods (by the way he just turned 5), and if he said he didn't like it, he would get a lunch meat sandwich. Still today, he has to have ketchup on everything.

If he wanted a toy his sister had, Lady Bug had to give it up. Every time something happened, she was blamed. He was held innocent.

Well, last school year, he had some kind of disagreement with the day care teachers. I know there are two sides to every story, and I don't know the teacher's side, but I know how Monkey can be. To act out, he smeared feces all over the bathroom. Of course, according to parents, it wasn't his fault. The teachers were yellers, etc. Well, so are parents.

A couple of weeks ago, he got into a fight with another kid at the child care at the gym. Again, it wasn't his fault. The kid was bothering his nine year old sister. Believe me, LB can and does take care of herself.

Last night, he was in a "mood." When he saw me and the shirt I brought him from our vacation, he made some noise and disappeared. He later remarked how he didn't like the shirt. So the response was "does it scare you?" I purposely chose one that is like one he has with a wolf on it.
He went through intensive speech therapy. His words are clear, but he babbles things that don't make sense and are not about what is going on. When they brought Simone home on Saturday, he was babbling about something being his TV. It had no bearing on anything.

Next week, he begins a new program - the bridge program. I am going to be interested to see how he manages in that program. As a professional, I see aberrant behaviors here. My problem is how to tell his parents. No parent wants to hear that kind of news, but your own family is even more difficult. My personal opinion is that there are going to be more problems. We have seen aggression to his two year old sister. I think there is going to be more this year.

If it does come about, I am going to have to say something. I think I will consult with my "resident" psychologist - my sister in law. Sure is nice to have one in the family!


I am biding my time. I will see what happens


judemiller1 said...

Glad you are home. sounds like MB has a "touch" of something--a slight autism perhaps? Or just spoiled? I know it is difficult to point out to parents when you see something not quite right--been there and done that. Good luck.

judemiller1 said...

Oops--I meant to say, "a slight ADHD perhaps?"

Grandma K said...

Actually, I have long suspected autism - a form of it. The hearing loss could account for a lot of the early behaviors. SIL has not really suspected autism though.

I KNOW he is spoiled. What factor that really plays, I am not sure. I know he is getting mixed messages now. They are trying to somewhat crack down on inappropriate behaviors, but then at the same time, the parents revert.

It looks like I will be able to spend some time with SIL this weekend at the SSB. We have a lot to talk about - including knee replacements. So hopefully . . .