Friday, August 21, 2009

Last day!!

I didn't get to post yesterday. We had WiFi at the motel, but my firewall kept warning me about intrusions from it. I switched to the air card, but the signal was weak. We were in the Missouri boot. With all the intrusions, I just didn't trust that connection, so I just turned it all off.

The hotel was really something. It was definitely older, but every room was a suite. We opened the door, and the room was really spacious. I then looked to my right, and there was another room that had a hide-a-bed, two chairs, a coffee table, another TV, and a desk. It was really a nice room. The only thing that freaked me out was the creaking of the floors. They creaked in the hall, in the room - everywhere!

I am going to be so happy to be back home. I never thought of myself as one who needs handicap things, but I have come to appreciate handicap ready bathrooms. Some of the toilets I have encountered seem like they are on the floor. Some do have bars close, others are just there. Out in the middle of the floor. Those scare me - a lot. I am also so pleased when I find a restaurant that has a handicapped stall! Getting old and infirm - but that's another topic.

We are in a litle town in Texas - Atlanta. The WiFi here says Carthage. We are just south of Texarkana. About five more hours and we are home.

Daughter tells me Simone has settled down - finally Wouldn't you know - after 13 days, she settles down. I am told she has been sick about 60% of the time. Great.

The trip was fun, but I am so ready to be home. I really miss my bed, my bathroom, my dog and my cat!! Oh, I also miss the family, too. Just going to be glad to be home.

Have a great weekend.


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Judy said...

I have come to the same realization...that of liking handicap places--especially the toilets. The higher ones don't hurt to stand up from and I want to get one here for my own use. My hip just keeps getting worse.

How did you like driving through Missouri? The one time I came through there, I couldn't wait to get away from it--such a boring ride. Perhaps you were in a different place.

You are almost home and I know you are ready, but glad you went on the trip. When you think back on it, you will have good memories.