Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Love the doctor - hate the news

I went to the new orthopedist today. He is really good. He is so understanding. I sort of expected to be lectured about my weight. He didn't. After looking at the xrays, he understood that there is no way I can successfully exercise. He looked at my history, and remarked about how much I have been through.

The bad news that he delivered is that I need both knees replaced. I was so hoping that wasn't going to be the answer. The cartilage in both knees is gone.

He me to get into a water aerobics class now. He wants me to consider bariatric surgery. I just don't know. My problem is in my BRAIN. It never seems to recognize full. Surgery won't help that. I know if you have by-pass, you can stretch out that little pouch. This is something that I really have to consider.

We are going to try the synthetic cartilage injections, but they cannot be started until we get back from vacation. So, for vacation, it is pain as usual.

He was really good, but he doesn't do the replacement surgery. His colleague does that. Looks like I will have more surgery in about six months, followed by another six months after that.

I really don't want another surgery.



angela said...

My husband works in surgery and says that is one that takes away pain pretty fast.

Definitely helps to get in the water, even without water aerobics. I remember that after back surgery.

I also was told I needed knee surgery--just to repair a tear, but I've put it off myself trying to elevate it and lose weight and sleeping with a pillow under it.


Judy said...

Oh Gosh K--sorry about the needed surgery, but at least---now you know.

Susan Adcox said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are not doing well. I have to say that I love my water aerobics class. I highly recommend it, not necessarily for weight loss but just for overall health and well-being. Lots of women in the class are overweight, and nobody pays any attention. Try it!

flying eagle woman said...

so sorry to hear about more pain for you and HAPPY to read your vacationings...I too got the knee replacement diagnosis and because of my work I will continue to put it off AND try to lose weight...I am going to try the water aerobics as recommended by your reader Susan!