Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here in Indiana

Home is at least two days away, most probably three. This was a long trip today - especially waiting on the International Bridge. There was construction, and then the wait at customs. If the customs guy wasn't so chatty, things would have gone faster. I really think those customs checkpoints are a joke. Between the US and Canada, there is no real checking, not like between the US and Mexico.

I knew I should have put Simone with the vet. She has been sick with Daughter - especially when her in-laws arrived. Daughter tells me she looks like she is going to be sick most of the time. I need to get back to my furry baby.

So here we are in Indiana - and there are bad storms moving through. Nice.

Check with you later.


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judemiller1 said...

I've heard the Algoma train ride is beautiful--probably prettier in the fall I would imagine--however, so glad you got to experience it all and now--get back home! Safely...