Friday, August 07, 2009

About ready

Shadow is at summer camp - hassling Sasha. He thinks he in invincible. The first thing he did was to march right up to their Yorkie to try to intimidate her. Then he took on Sasha. Sebastian is a coward, and he will hide from the little brat.

We went to lunch after I dropped him. I got to see Wiggle Worm! He flirted with everyone he could see.

Then I decided to bite the bullet and get an air card. I have home service at times, and not at others. The air card is more expensive, but it will work: all the time, at the SSB, during storms (i.e. hurricanes). I have 30 days trial. If I don't like it - I can pay a restocking fee (??) and return it. Sounds like a plan.

Simone will go to camp tomorrow. I need to write out her needs for them. The joy of an older dog. She will have a house mate for the two weeks. Their dog, King, is about 12. He is a lab mix. Those labs surely get around!! There seems to be a lot of lab mixes in the world.

I will try to be back daily - especially now. Tomorrow, we will be in Oklahoma - somewhere. Like I told Daughter in Law, I don't sweat the details. Just tell me the end of the trip,when we go and for how long.


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Judy said...

Hope you are having fun and the knees are not too bad.