Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day eight

The days are beginning to run together. If a drop down menu didn't show up, I wouldn't know what day it is!

We arose early again to eat the cinnamon rolls and scones we bought with lunch yesterday. I have my coffee maker, so we have coffee. Just like me - I don't trust the hotel's coffee maker. I know how dirty mine is. But then I bring my own pillow too. That isn't because I am attached to that pillow - I just know where mine has been. I would have bought one of those new bed liner dubies, but I didn't have time. I really thought about making one. I've been this way since chemo. I hate walking on the carpet barefooted, but I also hate shoes. Quite the dilemma there.

We left here about 7:30 to go two blocks to the Rail Road Museum to board the train. It is a miserable trip for those who are mobility deficient. If you know Duluth, it is hills that end at the lake. Walking down that steep grade hurts my knees and back a lot. I have been using my hoarded from surgeries pain pills. This is why I hoarded them in the first place.

This is really beautiful country. The trip went to Grand Rapids. Unfortunately, the train was about an hour late getting in, so we had limited time. Walking about town would have been difficult, but I think I would have tried. As it was I sat on a bench with another lady from the train who is mobility deficient. Our husbands brought us the box lunch (the first one on this trip). Then we boarded the train to return to Duluth.

Tomorrow we head out to Marquette I think. I'm just along for the ride. I have a couple of days before it's on another train. I really am glad. Today was a bit trying. When we got the the Museum, the line stretched for a couple of blocks. We had coach tickets which shouldn't have been a problem. When we boarded the car, there were no seats, or at least a few - scattered. We walked to the next car. Same thing. Then it was stale mate. We couldn't move. As it was we ended up in the club car. My feet were kicked five times, and I couldn't have gotten them another centimeter under the seat. My legs and knees were screaming the entire trip - there was little padding in the chair front. But the scenery was really nice.

So this brings the convention portion of the trip to an end. We are on our own starting tomorrow for the most part. No downtown hotel. Yea!

I haven't used the air card since the first day or two. I have been using the free stuff. I said I would use the card, but . . .



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judemiller1 said...

My back/hip/knee are screaming just imagineing all the walking and standing that is involved in your trip. I don't know you are standing it, but it looks like you are doing pretty well.

The way my hip hurt yesterday, I am...well I might THINK about surgery.

Have fun