Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day four

We made it to Duluth with time to spare. That means our room wasn't ready. As usual for a downtown hotel, there is not a cheap place to eat within a block and certainly not in the hotel. There is one here, but G loves to travel, travel, travel until I am about ready to eat the seat belt then stop at about 2PM. Well guess what! The place here in the hotel closes at 1.

We registered for the convention, then I got settled while he went to scout for a place to get something to go. He was successful, but I am worried about breakfasts, etc for the remainder of the time.

Tonight is a dinner cruise on Lake Superior - makes sense doesn't it?? Come to a train convention and have a dinner cruise., Ok . . .

I'm glad we didn't take the train from Chicago. It was a specially chartered train, and I really wanted to do it, but it is three hours delayed. It was supposed to be here at 3; it won't be here until 6. The cruise is at 6:30. A little tight! But that's train travel. To us the trip is the exciting part.

We will be on the bus to the train trip tomorrow about 7:30. That should be fun.

Daughter reported last night that Simone got sick. It is always something! I keep telling her she can board her at the vet. She keeps telling me no. Oh well.

Off to change clothes. It is HOT and humid here. Just like home. I knew it wouldn't be cool. I've been in Minnesota before in August!


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judemiller1 said...

Gosh it sounds like you are having a ball!! I hope you don't have to walk very far, very often as I can feel your pain.