Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This and that

OK, the visit to the Ortho Doc went well. I was very apprehensive about the whole thing. I'm not good at new situations - especially those involving probable pain. The injections did hurt, but more than anything they felt very strange. He began by using the aerosol numbing agent that I was already used to from chemo. They used it to numb the skin for accessing the port. He then felt around to get under the knee cap, then stuck the needle in. I could feel the liquid, and it was a combination of pain, though not excruciating, and then the sensation of my tissues filling with a liquid.

Right after the injections, I was really happy. The knee pain was diminished greatly. I had thought of going to the craft store near the office, but I was not sure how I would react after the initial time. The pain in my knees is less, but this morning, the right knee is still letting me know it's there. But then, that's why there is a series of three injections - each a week apart. I am hoping these will work. If they do, I can foresee six months of relief without surgery. That would be wonderful. As I research knee replacements, I really don't want one. This weekend I will talk with SIL M since she has had both knees replaced. She has been urging me to do it for years. Hers have done well - even though she almost died on the table because they used the wrong anesthesia on the second replacement!

In other things, MB did pretty well yesterday. He still is not compliant with requests, however. He spent the first hour in the bedroom watching Star Wars. He came into the den where I was working on the computer. I told him to change the station on the TV if he wanted. They have the DVR attached, and he found that he could reverse the feed over and over. I got him to stop that because it was really annoying. That he did, but then he kept playing with the remote. I told him that I did not know their system, and if he "broke" it, I could not fix it. Well - you know what happened. In a little bit I could hear the static from the TV. He looked at me and said "this TV is broken." Um - not! I know he is way too young to know action/consequence in a lot of situations, but he clearly didn't see it here.

I think they promised him the moon and stars to behave. He has a hand held game that he has become addicted to. He is only allowed to play with it on certain occasions. This was one. Plus, I think he was bribed with movies all afternoon after I left. Well - it worked for me. He was generally good. Can't ask for more than that. After all - it isn't my TV!

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