Sunday, August 23, 2009

Joys of home

Sleeping in familiar surroundings is really nice. My very own bed felt so good, and that in itself is a very good thing. One of the souvenirs I brought home was a cold. I know I had gotten totally fatigued several times on the trip, and my system must have been compromised. G said he was not feeling well after the Algoma train trip. It turned out it was a cold. Guess who got it two days later?? I tried to stay away. but when you are trapped in a car . . .

Simone got sick last night, just as I thought she might. I don't know if coming home was too exciting for her or what. I think her last two weeks were rather trying. She is used to peace and quiet with two old farts, and she was thrown into a household with three lively children that even under the best of circumstances is not quiet. Daughter was so worried about her getting sick that she watched her like a hawk. Simone wasn't allowed to even be outside by herself because she will sneak something green to make herself throw up. She also was cut back on food with the hopes that she wouldn't get sick.

Today, she has taken two long sunbaths. I am not sure she had pottied at all, but she is calm and has slept a lot - and soundly.

Today we get Shadow back. Son and his band were booked to play for a wedding in Galveston last night. I miss that little dickens (Shadow), but I was really glad we didn't have to drive even 10 mote miles out to get him. I could not get into a vehicle for days and be happy.

But that won't be happening. The Ortho doc's office called three times while we were gone (twice here at home and once on my cell) to tell me the injections are in. So I guess I'll call tomorrow for an appointment. I am looking for some pain relief with them; I am praying for a "fix" with them so I can avoid surgery. I am a little worried because I am imagining needles shoved into my knees and injecting a thick fluid - three times. But overall, I am excited about the possibility of a reduction in pain.

School begins tomorrow for the grandchildren. Lady Bug is going into third grade. She is still grouped with the gifted and talented. I am sure she will be classified this year. She is excited about the new school year. I think it will be a good one for her. She has the same g/t teacher all day, and her class is only 15 students. Sounds good.

Monkey Boy will be going into a "bridge program." He only turned five last month, and none of us think he is mature enough for kindergarten. The school will not retain him at the end of kindergarten, and we are really afraid that might be the best thing for him. We really don't want him to float along, and then about third or fourth not be able to cut it. All this does is to give him another year to mature. He really needs it. I wish I had such a program available for Son when he was this age. School was always hard for him. By the way, his birthday is the day after MB's. So there was a maturity factor there too.

So goes my life. The cold is going away - some. I am feeling a little more human. Good thing. I have a huge pile of laundry to do!


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