Sunday, August 09, 2009

Day two

So here we are at the end of day two of the great adventure. We have had (knock on wood) a very uneventful trip - at least on the road.

Last night our room was about 4 rooms from the pool and around the corner from the elevators. That means the headboards in our room backed up to the elevator shafts. All afternoon, we didn't hear the elevators. I will swear that the volume of those elevators was tied to the lights in our room. The lights went out - the elevators got louder. I say this because this morning, they didn't seem so loud.

Also, we had bikers who were returning from Sturgis. That is the biggie for motorcycles. They partied hard - and late. Guess where they met. Yep - the elevators.

Anyway, we traveled a little further today. We are north of St Joseph, MO. There are thunderstorms in the area, but I think we will miss them. The weather - HOT. I knew this would happen. Tomorrow, we will be in Minnesota, but we don't have to be in Duluth until Tuesday. So I don't know if we will spend time in St Paul or Minneapolis. Either is fine with me.

Daughter called to let me know the latest with Simone. She slept poorly last night, and it's evident she misses us. I miss her too. Every time we stopped today, I would look back into the back seat so check her and the windows. I have been traveling with her too much I guess!

I think I fried the IPod last night. We have free internet here, and I plan to go to Apple to try to get help to bring it back to life. I was in a hurry and using the air card - for the second time. It was a comedy of errors. But the result is the Ipod that I was trying to charge is DEAD.

I'll try to be back tomorrow - if I don't fry the computer!



judemiller1 said...

Sounds like you are having a good trip--wish i were traveling somewhere--I love road trips. In fact, I usually love the trip better than the destination.

Grandma K said...

We really love the train trips more than the destination. Our destination is trains - so . . .

Susan Adcox said...

I hope the rest of your trip is great. We're leaving in a week for Glacier National Park, and I've been trying to decide whether to spring for an air card. Hubby is against it. He wants me to cut the cord with my laptop for twelve days!