Friday, August 14, 2009

Day seven

Today has been one of rest. There were sessions scheduled, but no rides. The last one is tomorrow, and it will be a long one again.

I wanted a real breakfast this morning. So we set out (in a direction I didn't want to go) to find a restaurant. I was tired of scones or other carbo stuff. We found a Burger K*ng. So we stopped. Not exactly what I had in mind. Oh, well.

Later we had to go across the street to the public library. Our realtor called last night, and our offer on that blasted house had been denied. We decided to go up some. But that meant downloading a form, printing it, then faxing it.

I first downloaded it to a thumb drive. The problem was a printer. The library was no help. We came back and wonder of all wonders, the hotel computer and printer was open. So the form is printed. Now I need to find a fax.

We drove around a bit later, finding a nice little restaurant for lunch. It was good!! I'm sounding like Aunt W. When you ask about a trip she has been on, she rates it by the food.

I have worked on cataloging my free embroidery designs today. G went across the street to the museum (rail road of course). It's been quite and peaceful. Restful too!


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judemiller1 said...

Good!! This day of rest is just what you needed.