Thursday, August 13, 2009

Days five and six

I hit the wall yesterday. I was so tired and drained it was terrible. The day began with boarding the bus at about 8. We were to get on the train at 10. It was a "lunch train." We were in Wisconsin - a first for us.

We took the train from a museum, so some time was spent in the museum. There was a little shop that probably thought it hit the gold rush when we all got there. There were three bus loads of train enthusiasts that arrived in Spooner, WI. A little shop with scones and coffee was located. That was breakfast!!

The train (at least in coach) was not air conditioned. We knew that, but this is Duluth!!! All the cars were set in tables. It was a lunch train. The food was great. The tables got a little old at the end. On a train, tables are close and set for four. Enough said.

We got back here about 5:15. There were those who were taking the dinner train that night. It was tight. And that's the problem. Here at the Rat'sson, we have 15 floors. There are two SMALL elevators. People crowd them until I am really afraid they will fail. Did I mention I was afraid of elevators? It takes forever to get people to their destinations.

Today, we were to get on the train at the museum. We were warned on the way over about the spray. We have been spoiled by the steam trains we have ridden before. They were oil fired. THIS one was coal fired. We were spewed with water and soot when it arrived at the site. I had on white, but it can be bleached. G had on a new shirt. I don't know about it.

We went to Two Harbors. It was a very quaint little village. Both lunches were hot. I expected box lunches, but they were both absolutely delicious.

I wonder, however, if I am becoming tired of riding trains. It may be the heat. But I am tired. The routes look the same for the most part. I am tired of the "run bys." Those are where the photographers can get off, set up, and take pictures of the train as it runs by - hence the name.

We didn't make the second trip today. We were both tired. I am really not looking forward to Saturday's ride - and that's the one I really chose. Perhaps I am just TIRED!! Tomorrow is a play day for us. I want a real breakfast. I want to explore Duluth and that should not be too difficult. It seems Duluth is about 26 miles long and two miles wide. I just want to sleep!!!


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judemiller1 said...

I remember when my father told me to travel "while you can"...meaning while you are young and now I know what he meant. At my age, traveling is still fun, but can be so tiring and with the back/hip/knee pain, I usually just want a whole day to sit and do nothing or sleep in late.