Monday, April 06, 2009


My insurance, while taking lots and lots of my money, really has stepped up to the plate. During all the treatments and surgeries, between the physicians and them, my treatments cost me nothing really. Now, the reconstruction has begun to cost some, but really it's not too bad - except for one little ($1000) thing - which is another story.

They have a program for us that I decided to take advantage of. It is a nurse manager and then a nutritionist. I was really doubtful at first. I wasn't sure I would like this at all. The nurse really gave me some good ideas, and she also suggested the nutritionist.

With great dread, I awaited the call of the nutritionist. I just knew I would get the Hitler of that ilk. I thought she would tell me to lightly graze on two leaves of lettuce a day and just suck it up.

She didn't! She was so supportive. She understood. She didn't accuse me of being a week willed creatin. I told her that I lost a lot of weight before, and I did At*ins. No carbs.

I made the mistake in February of a "free trial" of South B*ach. I have another name for them now, but I try to keep this space clean. My "free trial" cost me $200. On their site, in the FAQ section, they STATE they will happily return any portion of the fee if you are not satisfied. DON'T BELIEVE IT. They lied. They, unlike Weight Watchers (which I also tried the week trial), make you call an 800 number. Now, that number is always busy, so you have to sit for a long time waiting on hold.

I wasn't too worried about being absolutely sure I canceled it during that week of free trial because of their policy. Then, when I tried to cancel, they said they sent me a email offering a "special" for a year. They said I approved the "specially priced" yearly membership, and that cannot be canceled during that year. No refund.

The had not been sending me any emails prior to me calling. Now I get one a day. I searched my "trash" bin for an email. I didn't find one. This is a case of "he said - she said" and I'm the one who loses.

The only reason I being this up, my nutritionist said she wants me to eat 140 grams of carbs a day! I laughed when she said that. I had told her about my previous weight loss. She assured me this would work. She gave me very specific things to eat - including a snack before bed! Wow! So this means that SB is clearly out. What an expensive lesson. It's sad that they have to stoop to such means to get people to sign up. They are just snake oil salesmen I guess.

Anyway, I have been adhering to her advice for about four days now. I feel great! I still need to add some of the things she wants me to eat to my diet because I haven't been to the store. I really do feel better though. I am so glad I did agree to participate in these programs - that are free!


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