Thursday, April 30, 2009

It never rains but . . .

My new back door is here and being installed as I write! Yea! I am so excited. So what's the downside? It decided to rain. Probably only about .02 of an inch, but enough to make the patio wet with a puddle close to where the installer has to work - often with an electric saw. Could be exciting.

He said he gets to install another door later this afternoon. I'll bet it rains then too!!

On top of all else, who is here but the yard people. I can't believe it! Wet grass and lawnmowers. I wonder if they will try the blowers? I need to get the video camera out. That would make the funny video clip.

Simone was still "out" in the house when the installer got here. She was terrified when the hammering began. Not only was there loud noises, but , gasp, he raised his arm. I'll bet whoever had her before beat the wowie out of her. But when you rescue a dog, you never know what has happened to them.

Well, at least I can get out of the house later. He came on time, instead of at the later time given. That seldom happens.

Yesterday I had to run to choose tile for the front porch. I thought Vernon was coming to rebuild the fence and put in my step in on the front porch. As it is, the other job gave him the go-ahead for Friday and Monday. That's ok - at least I picked out the tile, and it is ready to go. It is really pretty - a charcoal slate type of tile. I can't wait. But knowing Vernon, I'll have to.

Wash your hands!



Judy said...

Raining here today to, but a nice rain not a toad strangler like you have. Just think, when all the work is done, you can smile at your pretty house.

I am busy cleaning the house this week and in a lot of pain. Ah--the joys of getting old(er).

Karen said...

Good - then next week you can come to clean mine!! I'll send you a ticket!