Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And it just kept getting better and better - not!

OK, the weekend was to be the SSB with a little twist - Easter and three of the grandchildren there (with parents of course). It was supposed to be kind of normal. I wasn't filled with any dread at all. Until . . .

We were getting ready to load Simone in the green beast, and G asked if I had the letter the realtor sent about the lake house having been "severely vandalized." I first thought that would be for the return trip on Monday. Not that I relished it more on Monday rather than Friday.

Nope - we were going on Friday. He called the Sheriff's office before we left to be sure that he was to call when we arrived. So off we went. My stomach was doing backflips and cartwheels the entire three hour trip.

We got there. The trees had overgrown the drive. We had to park almost in the street. When he got out, he said he was going in. He got out the pistol - just to be sure there wasn't anyone in there. When he came back to the truck he told me I didn't want to go in. No s*it Sherlock! I didn't want to be there. If you don't face things, they will go away, right??

I could hear the door crunch on broken glassware. I took Simone for a short walk. In the side yard were two lamps from upstairs. I didn't look with great detail. We headed for the garage area. I was amazed that the door was still shut even though there was a panel out. With nosey rosie Simone, I couldn't really see in, but it looked rather unchanged.

G took pictures of the damage while waiting for the Sheriff. When he got there, he took a statement and pictures giving us a case number. Cutting to today - our insurance is not in effect if the house was not occupied 30 days before something happened. I just love insurance.

We called the realtor. She is going to see about getting someone to clean out all the broken stuff and fix the broken windows and glass door. In the mean time, we discovered some of the neighbors had noticed people around. They didn't call police. Thanks.

The funny part of this is that this time there was more furniture stolen. We took our 25 year old king sized bed up when we got a new one. Yep - they stole it. Must have been desperate. It was nasty being so old.

After two hours of delight there, we finally continued on with our journey. It was rather uneventful after that.

Part two tomorrow.


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