Wednesday, April 08, 2009


We belong to a religion that believes in infant baptism. My son was a member of this religion and his wife was too. That is before they joined an interdenominational church.

With the birth of Wiggle Worm, I wondered what they were going to do about him. "Pa" asked that Sunday night after they got here from a service where a baby was given over to the Lord.

Daughter in law said that WW would be in May. Pa said something to the effect that that doesn't save them. Then a discussion of the "iinnocent souls" of babies insued.

I don't have much to say. I wasn't baptized until I was 11. That was because at the time we attended a church that didn't do infants. When I was 11 I joined my current religion. I must say, it is rather strange to be baptized when all the others are babies.

I really wish WW would be baptized. It is one of the tenets of my religion. But then I wish son and dil were still members of the same religion.

I found out recently that my goofy old piano teacher was right. All my ancestors on my dad's side (with the exception of his mother) were of that religion, and when they came from Germany, they were among the builders of the church in the Alamo City where I was confirmed.

But everyone has the right to chose. If they feel a church is right for them, then it is.


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Judy said...

I was brought up in the Methodist Church and at the time I was young, they didn't do infant baptisims-we were batpized at the "age of accountibility". I was baptized and confirmed on the same day--I was told by my Mother that "they" did it that way so that we were old enough to know what the ritual was all about and could make up our minds if we wanted it or not. I guess we didn't believe in "original sin"?

I had my babies baptized when they were infants--it was a naming of the child and a dedication that we parents would bring them up in faith, and I wanted to make sure they were baptized. They then "joined the church" when they were twelve. (Confirmation).

Two of my children are Catholics and they, of course, do infant baptisims and I always thought it was wonderful. Yes--it is also a dedication for the parents to bring that child up in their faith, but I feel it is also a protection for that child's soul. The Bible says we can't get into Heaven unless (among other things) we are why not do it when they are babies?

My Dad couldn't remember if he had been baptized or at 80 years old, he got baptized..."Just for good measure", as he said. :-) I distinctly remember my grandmother (his mother) telling me that he HAD been baptized when he was two, but I didn't tell my Daddy. It meant the world to him to be baptized at his age--when he really meant every word he vowed.