Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy news!

Simone does not have a tumor. Shre has some thickening in her duodenum. No one knows why. That may be the problem. It is still unknown. We are going to worm her and administer an antibiotic. We have a treatment plan in place after tat too. We'll see what happens. It is just such good news. We are all so relieved.

The a/c guy came. If we go with a really good unit/duct work, we are probably be looking at $20,000. We still haven't talked about what we want to do yet. That's a lot of money. As it is, I really believe we are pouring a lot of money down a rat hole because I'm sure our 35 year old vents are leaking air like a sieve, and the unit is just not an efficient one. Don't know what we are going to do.

Daughter in law asked if I would make a bib for Wiggle Worm's dedication. No problem. It is done - along with a burp cloth.

So has been my day. I hope yours was as good.


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