Thursday, April 23, 2009


I can't believe it. It is 11 AM our time and so many things have been done. If I had not been talking and then reading blogs and emails, I would have posted this before now.

Before 8AM Ghost #2, otherwise known as the electrician, called. He was sending his helper over to change out the security light. Wow. I hurried to dress. He was here about 8:30. Light is replaced and I am assured it is working.

The lawn guys were here at 8:45. That's taken care of. Don't have to worry about that.

Ghost #1 was here at the appointed hour of 9:30. I gave him the list of things to be done. His guys have the wall paper down in the breakfast room. That is a feat that I didn't think could be accomplished. The sheet rock is even in tact. After 33 years, I was afraid they would be one piece.

I gave him the laundry list of things to be done. I don't know how much I'll be able to afford since we will be getting a quote on Monday for new duct work, a/c unit, and heater for the downstairs. We also have to replace the 20+ year old pool filter - $3000 worth.

We seem to be bleeding money these days.

Along that line, I have come to accept selling the lake property. I just have to put my feelings about the place way out of my mind. That place IS my dad. I know it will be torn down. But with the things that need to be done around here, we could use the money. Besides, no one has been to the place in at least 3 years. We have to move on.

I am excited about the change in my kitchen/breakfast however. I told daughter the color, and she didn't like it. Oh well!


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Judy said...

Think of it are helping out the economy--which I seem to be doing a lot lately too.

Hey--you go with the is YOUR kitchen, not your daughters. Personally, I can't stand the colors my daughters have in their homes--me I like light and airy--they like darker colors or earth tones. To each his own!