Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The contractor is coming!!

No, wait. Probably not. This has been a saga going on since November. Daughter was going to have the contractor (since become good friend) come to take down my 35 year old wall paper in the breakfast room, texture and paint it. That was to be a Christmas present. I was set to do it, but much water has passed under the bridge since I first considered that job. In fact, I have the rolls of wallpaper sitting in my bedroom that I was going to use.

Well, wallpaper has gone out of vogue around these parts, so I decided I would paint. With my shoulders that really isn't an option, and the knees will scream loudly after an insult like that. This kills me because I have always been one to pull out the rollers, et al and go to it.

Anyway, V has always had an excuse - other jobs - for not getting here. Well, the economic downturn has caused his business to slow. So - I thought he would be here on Thursday and Friday. Little does he know, but my job for him has grown. We have some boards that need to be replaced around the house, I would like to have pull out drawers installed in my pantry (especially) and cabinets. I just can't get on the floor anymore to get to those low shelves. I want a step put on my front porch and a tile overlay on that. G decided to have him look at the fence. It is getting really rickety. Let's just say we have some work.

But if he doesn't get here soon, there won't be any money left in the trough. We already have to have the pool filter replaced. It is only 20+ years old. I think it has run its course. Yesterday we had the air conditioners checked for the summer. Guess what! We need an entirely new system for downstairs - ac, furnace AND ductwork. My, my. Things just get better and better.

So excitement about getting the contractor has once again turned to a waiting game. I may be painting this room after all!


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Judy said...

I hate that I can't just climb up on the ladder and paint anymore. Oh I can, but I surely will pay for it. Last year I painted the bedroom--I did one wall a day--had to do it that way so I could keep the pain down. Now I need to do the bathroom, but have to put a primer on first and then two coats of paint and move everything out of there and...and...

just makes me tired to think about it! Maybe next October?